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ATEX 95 Filter Systems

Dust Collector, Cyclone Sepatator

Continuum Technology offers ATEX-conform filter systems for the filtration of combustible gases and dust as well as for their employment in hazardous environments (in a potentially explosive atmosphere). Our filter systems are designed according to the European guideline 94/9/EC for the putting into circulation of explosion-proof equipment.

Following careful analysis of the technical boundary conditions, a structural explosion protection is determined in the case of filter systems with a low flammable concentration. Taking account of the explosion characteristics defined by the customer and the zoning of the plant, the measures necessary to protect against explosion and release of pressure are determined. The bursting discs are matched to the size of the plant. In case of emergency they ensure a rapid and effective release of pressure, which prevents secondary damage. To attain the maximum degree of safety for filter systems, Continuum Technology also integrates many additional safety mechanisms such as e.g. filter materials which discharge static charges, metallically earthed components and thermal overload protection for motors. Explosion isolation in the raw gas and clean gas pipeline as well in the discharge equipment are standard features in our filter systems with structural explosion protection.



• Does the filter system have its own potential / effective ignition source?

• Is the filter system in an explosive atmosphere?

• Is there an explosive atmosphere in the filter system?

ATEX Zonen




Standardized protective measures:

• Explosive pressure relief in accordance with VDI 3673 (for non-toxic dusts)

• Explosion-proof design for reduced, maximum explosion pressure (static compressive strength)

• Antistatic filter elements

• Internal steel parts with conductive paint

• Constructive potential equalization of all conductive components as well as grounding

• Ex-protected motors


Optional protective measures:

• Ex-protected solenoid valves, discharge organs

• Check valves

• Spark detection with autom. extinguishing system

• thermal overload protection on fan motor

• Avoid dust deposits by using continuously operating discharge organs

• Heat detector - Burden detection due to temperature rise

• Spark detector - Fire detection due to infrared radiation


Explosions can occur wherever combustible gases, vapours, liquids or dust arise, are stored or transported. Under certain preconditions an explosive mixture can occur in connection with air. Given an ignition source, an explosion can take place.

Typically hazardous applications involve the filtration of organic or metallic dust in the chemical or metal-working industry. Yet firms that process or transport dust-creating bulk goods such as grain, feedstuffs or other organic products.




• agglomeration, drying and coating

• cutting, welding, grinding, buffing, sanding a.o.

• bulk goods handling


Component for explosion protection


Limitation of the explosion overpressure

• Bursting discs for pressure relief

• Relief valve for pressure relief


Explosion-proof decoupling

• Check valve

• Extinguishing agent

• Pressure relief valve


Fire detection

• Smoke detector

• Temperature sensor

• Spark detectors


Preventive explosion-related activities

• Spark pre-separator with cooling function

• Spark pre - separator with automatic
extinguishing system

• Cyclone separator including spark separator

• thermal overload protection
blower motor

• Use continuous working

• Ex-protected motors

• Ex-protected solenoid valves

• Antistatic filter elements