Filtration & Environment   

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Our industrial filters serve to clean exhaust air and are suitable for continuous operation. Made with modern polyester fleece as cartridge filter or pocket filter, they are regenerated online by means of a modern pulse-jet cleaning system. Our high-performance, state-of-the-art industrial filters and extraction systems are available for any kind of requirement. With all the systems it is a matter of selecting the optimum concept for our customers from a process engineering standpoint.

Our references and many years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of ultra-modern dust extractors makes us a competent partner in the European marketplace. To guarantee that our filter installations possess a high level of service quality, we attach special value to the long life-cycle, operational dependability and ease of maissntenance of our industrial filters – cartridge filters and pocket filters. That way we can vouch for high-quality machines across the entire range of products.

Product spectrum for dedusting solutions


Continuum Technology offers a variety of efficient dedusting solutions for the individual requirements of the manufacturing and manufacturing industries. Our product range from dedusting technology consists of standardized, expandable modules up to complete suction and filter system solutions and special designs. The coordinated individual components are selected in close cooperation with the customers and represent efficient, individual and cost-effective solutions at the highest quality level. Optimal separation results are achieved through our innovative filter technologies and a systematic system development.