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High Temperature Filters (up to 800 °C)

Dust collecotor and cyclone separators

Many processes take place under conditions of increased temperature. The hot process gases often carry many particles, which have to be removed from the gases or recirculated. For the filtration of such hot process gases with temperatures of up to 450 °C Continuum Technology offers special high temperature filter systems.


Typical fields where increased operating temperature is found are in power engineering, in incineration plants, in the chemical industry as well as in many branches of process engineering. The raw gases frequently carry chemically agressive dust or themselves constitute an agressive gaseous mixture. Both cases pose the highest demands on filter construction and call for independent solutions.


Continuum Technology uses high temperature resistant filter material in the HT filter systems. The systems can be applied in temperatures of up to 450 °C. The filter elements possess excellent chemical resistance, also and especially in the case of higher temperatures. In the HT filter systems the filter elements are mounted vertically on the clean gas side as this makes them easier to clean. This permits a compact, space-saving design and greatly simplifies assembly. The filter elements are cleaned cyclically online with a pulse-jet cleaning system. This guarantees a reliable separation of even the most aggressive dust particles and facilitates adherence to strict emission limits.

HT Filter





• High temperature resistant filter media (PTFE, poliimide, glass fabric, ceramic fabric)

• High temperature resistant solenoid valves

• constructive consideration of the thermal expansion of the filter housing

• constructive consideration of the material strength

• Thermal decoupling of all function-relevant parts at very high operating temperatures

• Heating and insulation of the filter housing to prevent condensation on the inside wall of the housing