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Filter technology for the food industry

Continuum Technology offers special filter technology for the food industry. The industrial filters and cyclone separators are conceived to meet the high demands in respect of hygiene and product quality in this sector. These are high-performance and reliable separators which, on the one hand, prevent product losses and, on the other, protect the environment against pollution.

The AirContol, VarioJet and CycloJet filters as well as the cyclone separators are designed for differing volume streams and dust loading and are tailor-made for the particular application in food technology. It is possible to select from a variety of foodstuff-compatible materials which can, upon request, be supplied with certificates of origin.

The housing is made of high-grade steel. Due to the ever-increasing demands in respect of hygiene and product quality in the food industry it is necessary to achieve an optimum level of wet cleaning of dust filter devices. The filter systems which are manufactured for these sectors are largely cleavage and cavity free. The FDA-compliant seals are exchangeable and cleaning. The standard filter systems are supplied with filter cartridges made of polyester fleece with PTFE coating or PTFE membrane. The cleaning functions according to the pulse-jet principle. The control depends on the pressure difference and affords an optimum cleaning time interval, thus yielding the long service life of the filter elements.

In many sectors of the food industry powdery substances are mixed, dried, pneumatically conveyed, packaged, etc.

AirControl Inox


Inox, Edelstahl, Kompaktentstauber




• Filter housing made of stainless steel (1.4301) with Ra = 0,8 µm

• Filter housing free from gaps and dead space

• Filter material Polyester nonwoven with PTFE coating

• FDA compliant seals


• Surface Ra = 0.5 (faster cleanability)

• CIP-capable

• ATEX compliance


• In many areas of the food industry, powdered materials are mixed, dried, pneumatically conveyed, packaged, etc.