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Bag filters

The bag filters of the type VarioJet S are all-purpose filter systems for filtering difficult cleanable, fibrous dusts as well as large amounts of dust. Their construction envisages the employment of various types of filter material as well as various types of ventilator, filter bags and casing.
The filter bags are automatically efficient compressed air system (Pulse Jet) cleaned with a low energy consumption. This series is offered in a modular design. The construction provides for the use of different filter materials for the filter bags depending on the gas composition, operating temperature, dust loading, filter surface load, as well as various housing options. The product is either transported by conveyor line or filled in transportable containers. The filter housing is made in welded construction and has a high stability. Inside and out, the filters are provided with a high quality powder coating.

The filter casing is manufactured in welded construction and is characterised by its high degree of stability. Inside and outside the filters have a high-grade powder coating. A steep cone without interior curtains prevents dust deposits in the casing. Thanks to a large number of maintenance valves, all the filter parts inside can easily be reached. All the filters have a high-grade powder coating both inside and outside. By means of electronic filter cleaning the dust is cleaned off the cake on the outside of the filter bags with blasts of air in online operation. The vertical arrangement of the filter bags, together with the venturi nozzles above them and displacers inside the filter bags, permit efficient cleaning.

The basic filter systems come with filter bags of the filter category BIA M and achieve clean gas values of less than 5 mg/m³. When an integrated secondary filter is used, EN 1822 to H13 clean gas values can be achieved.

We choose the optimal process engineering model of our product and customize it to your requirements.




Bag filter VarioJet S

Max. filter surfaces:
Max. airflow:
Dimensions: >
Number of bags:

Product Description:
For filtration of difficult cleanable, fibrous dusts as well as large amounts of dust.








Process technologies:
• Surface treatment - brushing, polishing, grinding, sanding belt
• drilling, sawing, turning, milling, cutting
• painting, powder painting, sandblast
• crushing, grinding, dispersing
• screening, separating, sorting
• Mix, dry
• Pack
• Recycling

• Metal
• Plastic
• Paper
• Rubber
• Leather



• Modular, flexible design; change the filter bags on the clean or dirty air sided
• Compact, solid construction as completely welded construction
• Easy installation and bags replacement
• long lifetime
• ATEX compliant when required