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Vacuum Conveyors

Pneumatic conveyor for material transport

The VacuumJet high-vacuum conveyor is used as a central suction system or as a pneumatic conveyor for transporting material by means of air at the end of the transport path to separate the material from the conveying air.

The VacuumJet is used for material transport over long distances and requires an elevated vacuum. During the time-controlled conveying phase, the bulk material is sucked into the separator where it settles in the lower collecting cone. At the same time, the suction air is cleaned in the amply sized filter integrated in the upper part of the separator and blown off as exhaust air. The bulk material is collected in the following container and removed after reaching a filling level or continuously by means of a rotary vane sluice.

The pneumatic conveyor system of the VacuumJet series is used for the transport of powder, granules, mixtures and millbase, thanks to its versatile conveying capacity. The plant is very compact and can easily be adapted to different locations. Fitted with BIA M filters, the pneumatic conveyor is used very strongly in the food, chemical, plastics and pharmaceutical industries.





• Self contained unit on stand frame including side channel compressor, silencer, pressure relief valve and control unit
• Tangential air intake as pre-separation (cyclone effect)
• High filter area (10 m2) guarantees low filter resistance and long service life



• low overall costs
• Continuous or discontinuous ablation
• Reliable transport from A to B
• Dust-free and hygienic
• easy and thorough cleaning


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