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Centrifugal radial fans






The fans are working hydraulic turbomachines for air or gas, where the mechanical energy is transformed into hydraulic - kinetic and potential. The main energy changing element is the impeller, which, according to the direction of the air or gas flowing going through it, can be radial, diagonal or axial.

Our offer radial fans for high and medium pressure, for fume extraction and for air transport. The fans find a great application in the common engineering. They are widely used in the ventilation and air-conditioning installations in houses, public and industrial buildings; in central and local ventilation of mines; in pneumotransport; in agriculture, etc.



Choice of a fan


There are a number of fan fans, each designed for a specific application. We manufacture high and medium pressure fans. The radial fans for high pressure are used for ventilation systems. The radial fans for medium pressure can also be used for material transport.

When selecting a fan, the following features should be defined:

• Type of fan
• Flow rate [m3 / h]
• Total pressure [Pa]
• Engine power [kW]
• Speed [min-1]
• Position of the housing


Furthermore, the specific characteristics of the gas are decisive when selecting a fan:

• Temperature
• Risk of explosion
• Stickiness of the dust

We also offer accessories for pipe systems - flanges, frames, vibration frames, flex connections, expansion joints and the like.